What warranty is provide to our patients.

Dental Implants – 10 years warranty

  • In the rare cases where an implant fails osseointegration then will be removed if necessary for the long-term success of the prosthesis and it will be replaced with the additional cost only of the implant material. After 10 years the replacement of the implant will be fully charged.

Porselain Teeth – 5 years warranty

  • Any fracture or failure of porcelain or an accessory will be repaired or replaced without charge. It is very important that patients who are bruxists and they are grinding their teeth to wear night splints. These appliances will be given with the delivery of the final prosthesis. After five years of any prosthetic corrections or replacements will be charged.

Validation of the warranty

  • The patient will have to come for regular checks, x – rays and hygienist maintenance as the recommended.
  • The patient should follow a good oral hygiene daily schedule . If the patient is not properly brushing, then as a result gum-inflamation will occur which can lead to loss of the prosthesis and the implant.
  • If indicated use of a night splint – ¬†should be used.

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