Dr Konstantinos Loukas

DMD, Msc Implant Surgeon

Dr Konstantinos Loukas has been practising as a surgical and prosthetic Implantology since 2008 in the UK (London – Oxford – South of England and the last year in South West Dorset and Jersey Channel Islands). Since 2011 as well owning his own private implant and restorative clinic in Athens.

In 2008 he was accepted on the new postgraduate of dental implantology program at the Dental School of Bristol. In 2010 he completed his clinical and theoretical training which included  a large number of implant cases.
He performed both the surgical and the prosthetic phases of all his dental implant cases.

Between 2010-2012 he completed a dissertation – ”Prosthetic complications of implant over denture prosthesis”. He was awarded his (MSc) in Dental Implantology in 2012.
Apart from the academic approach Dr Loukas had the opportunity to be active member and participate in multiple implant procedures on a private implant clinic in BATH- UK. This was part of the education program. At the same period he was also performing implant treatments on a private basis in other clinics.
He was the first Greek who had completed the specific program. His team included UK specialist and experienced dentists from Europe.
The target of Dr Loukas was to complete a postgraduate program with the maximum benefit in private practise. This has been successfully achieved, and as a result combined with his continuing education on the highest level is giving him access to all new well proven dental technology.

Between 2016-2017 he complete a residency for advanced implantology in Oral Surgery department at Dental School Of Berne in Switzerland. He seat’s next to Professor Daniel Buser,  one of the worldwide leading Surgeons-implantologists for the past 20 years and also alongside Professor Thomas Von Arx one of the leading on apical surgery and microsurgery under microscope and endoscope.

Specific Dr Loukas has been postgraduate trained in the follow:

  • Surgical (prosthetic driven) and restorative rehabilitation of dental implants.
  • Surgical and prosthetic management of implant complications
  • Hard and soft tissue grafting
  • Immediate loading of full arch implant cases
  • Microsurgery
  • Fixed prosthodontics under magnification
  • Aesthetic rehabilitation of the anterior zone

The following information is a sample of the capability of Dr Loukas in surgical and prosthetic implantology and in organization & management of dental patients.

  • Surgical placement till today over 1000 dental Straumann implants in UK & Greece. The number is growing on a daily basis.
  • Rate of osseointegration 100% on a 5 year monitor.
  • Completion of a large number full mouth implants cases.
  • Experience with all types of implant loading.
  • Experience in organization and maintenance of an implant patient.
  • Ability to deal with all types of an implant complication.
  • Predictable clinical results with written guarantee.
  • Experience with all bone and soft tissue grafting techniques.
  • Use of piezotome.
  • Examination and treatment of more than 60.000 dental cases.
  • I have trained a significant number of dentists and dental nurses.
  • Experience on set-up and management of dental specialist clinic.
1994 – 2000 Dental Degree.
2001 – 2004 Clinical training in dental and prosthodontic department of 251 General Airforce Hospital, Athens- Greece.
2003 – 2005 Clinical Instructor , Dental School of Athens at Removable prosthodontic department.
2004 – 2006 Private office Athens Greece.
2006 – 2008

Relocation in UK where completed his first phase of postgraduate training regarding minimal invasives techniques for the anterior aesthetic zone.

1. Certified Lumineers (London – UK) Ceramic veneers Ultra Thin, non prep.

2. Certified Clear aligners( London UK) for anterior orthodontics.

3. Certified Inman Aligner ( London UK). Fast anterior orthodontics.

2008 – 2010 Second stage of postgraduate training in surgical and prosthodontic implantology, University of Bristol.
2010 – 2012

Dissertation – research on complications on implant prostheses, University of Bristol.

Title MSc in Dental Implantology.

2006 – 2010 Private practice on large dental clinics in Essex & London.
2008 – 2010 Clinical practise of implantology at Bath – UK in one of the largest implant clinics of south west England where the treat and maintain more than 500 implants per year.
2011 – 2016 Private practise Oxford and South of England with special interest on surgical and prosthetic implantology and general prosthodontics.
2012 – Present Private Office Athens- Psychiko with direction to surgical and prosthodontic implantology, prosthontics and aesthetic rehabilitation of the anterior zone.
2016 – till now

Decicate Dental Implantology and Oral Surgery in Dorset and Isle of Wight in Uk and St Helier – Jersey Channel Islands, treating close to 300 dental Straumann Implants combined with Greece per year. Introduction of a new two piece ceramic implant.

 2016 – 2017

Advanced Implant and Oral Surgery training in Oral Surgery department in Bern Dental School, Switzerland.


Nomination of an official Straumann UK Implant Mentor for Channel Isles and South west of UK.

PHD Candidate

Member of

  • ITI –  International Team of Implantology.
  • ADI –  Association of Dental Implantology – UK.
  • IAOCI –  International Academy of Ceramic Implantology.
  • EPA– European Prosthodontics Association.
  • Leading Implant Centers
  • GDC– General Dental Council UK.
  • OSA   – Dental Association Athens

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